Hosted Retirement Retreat Getaways

Hosted Retirement Retreat Getaways.  Why do we do it?    

Some years ago, I was approached by an elderly widow in her 80’s who has travelled extensively, even after the death of her husband some years before.  Getting on in years, she felt she could no longer do long trips for extended periods of time and certainly not with a huge group of people and was looking for something closer to home, just a few days at a time and in small groups where she could meet people and not be lost in a crowd.

So the seed was sown and over the last couple of years we have developed an awesome offering to seniors of all ages, launching in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  We offer destinations that are within relatively close driving distance, that are only 3-5 nights and best of all, the groups are small and exclusive so guests really get a personalised experience and get to know their travel companions better.  But… there is another obstacle for seniors – driving! How do you get from A to B?  And then there is the fear of driving as you do lose your nerve as you get older.  So… we have made it simple – pack your bags and we will give you a time and fetch you, from your door! Yes, we pick up our guests from their homes and drop them off again after their retreat.  

Then there is the issue of physical capabilities and let’s face it, getting into and out of a game viewer is rather challenging.  Oh, and what about lifting your bag from the floor onto the counter so you can get to your goodies.  And then there is the issue of the fear of falling, especially at night on uneven ground. What about the lady we took on retreat that had a stroke and couldn’t cut her meat?  Who will co-ordinate the group and ensure that everyone meets up more or less on time?  What Africa Memories Travel has included is a host to accompany the group right from the first pickup to the last drop off.  The host is there to assist and let me tell you we have had some rather challenging situations but it’s all part of what we do, of what we love – we love to serve! I can also tell you some rather funny tales with our seniors who have laughed with us.

The reward at the end of the retreat is always such a blessing knowing we have made a difference in people’s lives, we have enabled people to travel safely and have made them feel like family.  Our oldest senior is 92 years young and she still loves to travel with us, saying it’s like traveling with family.

So that’s why we do what we do when we host seniors on our Africa Memories Travel Hosted Retirement Retreat Getaways – we love it and love to make people happy! It’s that simple.

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