Equipment- Checklist for Kilimanjaro Trekking

Luggage/ Sleeping Bag

– Sleeping bag (temperature rating until -12°C)

– Travel bag/backpack or kitbag with a max weight of 12kg! (Please do not use a suitcase or trolley bag because this kind of luggage is not possible to be carried by the porters!)

– Day bag with rain protection



– Rain jacket and rain pants (we recommend Gore-Tex or similar)

– Warm Fleece- or thermo jacket

– Fleece jumper

– Water-resistant trekking pants for harsh conditions

– Winter sports underwear

– Special trekking base layers (pants and shirts)

– Water-resistant gloves

– Trekking/ Mountaineering boots (used and comfortable)

– Gaiters (to keep out snow, ice, dirt and little stones)

– Trekking socks

– Warm hat or full coverage face hat/base cap or sunhat/scarf or headband



– Sunglasses

– Hiking or trekking poles

– Water or thermos bottle

– Pills to disinfect water

– Headlights (preferably with LED batteries) and spare batteries

– Sunscreen/ lipstick with sun protection with a minimum factor of 20

– Wash bag/towel

– Energy- or cereal bar/ nuts or chocolate; vitamin – and mineral pills

– Toilet paper

– Emergency whistle

– Earplugs

– Photo equipment/adapter and charging cable

– Card game, book or similar


Bag pharmacy

– Malaria prophylaxis

– Insect protection (Autan, Bonomol, Tabbard)

– Medicine against diarrhea and headache

– Band-aids in different sizes

– Leucoplast

– Triangular bandage

– Elastic bandage

– Elastic gauze bandage

– Compression bandage

– Medicine to disinfect injuries

– Painkillers

– Rescue blanket


Things we do not use for the Kilimanjaro climb:

– Portable hyperbaric bag or tent/ Gamow bag

– Oxygen systems

– Pulse-Oximeter/ stethoscope


You can deposit luggage that you do not need for the climb at the hotel. Please take all your

Valuables with you!


If you follow these instructions, you are well prepared for the adventure of climbing the

Kilimanjaro. We wish you a relaxed journey with a lot of new impressions and experiences and, of

course, good luck for the climb!